CEPI Funding Call (up to US $25 million) to evaluate fractional COVID-19 booster and third shots as part of efforts to stretch global vaccine supply

Published on Thursday 14th October 2021

Funding call


The objective of this programme is to generate data on fractional doses of COVID-19 vaccines when given as an additional single dose in previously primed populations (either via full or partial vaccination or natural infection).


Scope of the call

This Call for Proposals (CfP) invites consortia and individual organisations that would like to contribute an individual trial based on a platform trial approach. The Applicants should provide proposals that include a description of the proposed clinical trial along with requested information necessary to evaluate the scientific merit, strategic fit, and operational feasibility of the clinical trial. The focus of this program is to accelerate global COVID-19 vaccine coverage and to optimise vaccination regimens in special populations especially in low- and middle-income countries without compromising vaccine efficacy, Applicants should state in what ways the proposal can contribute to CEPI’s mission of increasing LMIC access to affordable vaccines.


Award conditions

Applicants should take note of three Award conditions: (1) each Awardee should recognise CEPI’s governance, (2) any funding is dependent on the signing of an Award Agreement, which provides the terms and conditions under which the Award will be made, in line with CEPI’s Third Party Code, which can be found on CEPI’s website, (3) there will be a close collaboration with and involvement of an implementing partner external to CEPI in coordinating the programme.


Technical and administrative questions

Technical and administrative questions about this Call should be directed to the CEPI Secretariat (cfp@cepi.net). In the Subject field please indicate: “Application for FraCT-CoV CfP”.



Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis as they are received. The CfP will remain open until the budget limit has been reached.


For details visit: https://cepi.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/FRACT-COV-CfP-text-05-Oct-2021.pdf

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