Published on Tuesday 19th April 2022

Funding call

CEPI has announced  a new funding opportunity for the development of RNA vaccine platform technologies and vaccine library development against emerging and select endemic infectious diseases. This call is for Focus Area 2.


This Call for Proposal (CfP) asks for the submission of an Expression of Interest for RNA platform technologies used for the development of vaccine candidates against a specified list of known pathogens and the development of vaccine libraries against high priority virus families with the potential for Disease X emergence. The CfP is divided into two Focus Areas.


Focus Area 1 seeks advanced mRNA vaccine platform technologies that use either (1) N1-methylpseudouridine (or equivalent isomerization) nucleoside-modified non-replicating mRNA formulated with ionizable lipid-based nanoparticle (LNP) at any stage of development, OR (2) other non-replicating or replicating mRNA technological approach that has demonstrated clinical proof-of-concept. The proposed project should include vaccine development plans for (a) one vaccine candidate from preclinical studies through late-stage clinical trials including licensure to expand the development and regulatory experience with the platform, AND (b) another vaccine candidate from preclinical studies to Phase I/II trials to serve as an exemplar for creation of a vaccine library against high priority virus families for Disease X emergence.


Focus Area 2 seeks novel RNA platform technologies based on potentially high-impact innovations offering substantial advantages over existing mRNA technologies. These advantages may involve attributes such as multivalency, immunogenicity/reactogenicity balance, storage and stability, productivity, response time, and cost-of-goods (COGs). Focus Area 2 provides seed funding for activities including discovery research, preclinical proof-of-concept studies, and limited early clinical proof-of-concept studies.


Submission deadline (Focus Area 2): 31st December 2022.

Webpage: https://cepi.net/get_involved/cfps/?learn-more-7099=1

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